Download Free Avast License Keys & Files 2016 (New)

Download avast license key with new avast premier license file 2016. Get all new working avast free antivirus license key & avast internet security license key 2016. People search for the latest avast keys on internet. We also receive lots of feedback mail regarding to update new keys for Avast. So today, on the special demand of Qd Tricks visitors, we are here to share the new working keys and file for avast anti virus. This is the only working license keys available on the internet. Before moving to it, we would like to give you share some brief information about Avast anti virus programs.

Avast – A very famous Anti Virus program or software developed by Avast Software. Avast is the most popular program in the world. This highly demanded software came in various modules.

  • Avast Free Anti Virus
  • Avast Internet Security
  • Avast Pro
  • Avast Premier Antivirus (New)

Below is the basic configuration or features available for this all antivirus.


Avast Internet Security & Premier License File 2016

Here I am going to give you the new working keys for avast internet security & avast premier with the guidelines to upgrade and activate avast antivirus. This is the only working avast license key and guidelines available on the internet which will be used to activate all avast anti virus software.

First you need to download this avast free antivirus program and then follow below given steps to to upgrade and activate it. If you want to get uploaded premium account then check out this link.

How To Use Avast Keys To Activate & Upgrade Avast Antivirus?

1. Click on Express install to install Avast Software in your system.

avast license key

2. After installation is completed, you will see the below image “Setup Finished”

avast key

3. Now open Avast Antivirus to upgrade it to Avast Internet Security or avast premier with out provided avast premier license file. Go to Maintenance Tab and click to Subscription. You will see the below image. It is the trial version of Avast free anti virus. You can see the Insert License File. Click on it.

avast premier license file

4. Now you have to download avast license keys & files from below given download links

5. After downloading Extract the zip file to the desktop. Also check this best antivirus application for android mobile.

6. Now follow the below image. Click on insert avast license file and locate the avast key which you will download from below.

avast free antivirus license key

7. Click on any one avast licence key and activate it. Click Yes to activate the licence.

avast internet security license key

8. Now you will see the Thank You message. “Your Licence file has been inserted successfully“. Click OK

avast license file 2016

9. After clicking OK, your avast free anti virus will be upgraded to Avast Internet Security with 2 year subscription validity. Also check this link to get free proxy servers list 2016.

avast keys

You are done with this process of activation of avast antivirus. Now you have avast internet security with the validity of 2 years.

Download Avast License Key 2016

avast license key 2016

(Total 10 Avast Licence File are included)

If you already have The Avast software installed in your system. Follow below steps to use avast licence file:

  1. Go to setting
  2. In the community tab , uncheck the option “participate in Avast! community”
  3. Then just download avast license key 2016 and open it. That’s it.

We hope you all have understood that how to activate avast antivirus with our new avast license files. We have tried our best to give you all possible ways to activate your avast antivirus with avast premier license file. We have also added some new working keys in the attachment. Remember, do not share this given files openly on internet. You can share it with your friends and family but do not share it openly anywhere. If you have any doubts or want to ask anything related to this avast file and keys then you can comment here. We will get back to you soon. And do not forget to comment whether the given avast internet security license key is working at your side or not.


Qadir Qd is a 26 year self-trained guy, a young part time blogger and computer experts last for five years. He is very passionate about blogging and his area of interests are SEO & Internet Marketing.


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    • We update this page on a regular time periods with new license files, keep visiting!!

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    • Don’t worry, this notification has no meaning. Just close and enjoy the Avast free for a year!
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